Outdoor Advertisement Design

The Design Group specialists are experienced in the field of advertisement design, efficient commercial campaigns and concepts development, including realization of major projects, starting from branding, visual and communicative strategy to promotion. Advertisement design is one of the Design Group strategic business directions, which unites such marketing segments, as printing carriers design, outdoors advertising and original promotion tools. We create actual advertisement, which effectively informs potential customers about a brand and sells products and services.

Outdoors advertisement development includes creation of a commercial content, placed on different information carriers for an expanded potential customer audience. One of the factors, which influence advertisement design is a kind of information carrier – stationary or temporary (mobile). Depending on a carrier kind, a commercial concept and a content are developed. Design group is involved in commercial activity, including various types of information carriers:

  • Outdoor banners and signboards of different shapes and sizes;
  • Billboards;
  • City lights;
  • Fireproof walls, building fences and construction objects;
  • Sidewalk signs;
  • Sun blinds;
  • Ridgepoles;
  • Transportation;
  • Roof signs;
  • Window cases;
  • Facades, media facades and light boxes.

Outdoor Advertisement in UAE

The key criteria of an effective advertisement design are result indexes of commercial communication or commercial campaign in general. The global targets of advertisement design are:

  • Increase of a brand or a company recognition;
  • Improvement of a commercial object memorability;
  • Advancement of customer trust to a brand due to formation of a forceful commercial message;
  • Development of relevant customer relation to a brand;
  • Stimulation of product or service demand.