Logo Design

Logo is an original sketch, an image of a full or abbreviated company name. Logo is developed for attraction of customer attention and its capturing, making a potential client interested in company’s services and products, getting familiar to the company brand and creation of a positive corporate image. A logo is a company’s representation, a main brand’s feature. A well-performed logo allows a customer to accurately identify a certain company, its services or products out of competition variety. Brand product qualities turn into competitive tools through the logo, which protects commercial, marketing and trade mark rights. Creation of a qualitative logo gives an opportunity to conduct a commercial media campaign, outdoor promotions and launch souvenir production.

Logo Design from Design GroupLogo is a clear and simple carrier of company’s information. Logo types:

  • Symbolic – a graphic company presentation without letters;
  • Printed – company’s name, written with a special typeface;
  • Combined (the most popular) – combination of a graphic sketch and a written word or phrase.

Professionally developed logo has to comply with a number of requirements:

  • Originality: it is prohibited to use symbols, associated with other companies.
  • Memorability: logo has to be easy to recognize and remember for your potential customers and partners; as soon they need your production, they think about your company.

Flexible applicability: a logo should be perfectly suitable for business cards or banners and all graphics and letter symbols can be easily seen and read.