Graphic Design

Corporate graphic design is developed in order to inform potential customers about brand existence, product assortment, current commercial campaigns, discounts and support of a favorable brand image. Sufficient graphic design allows a customer to deeply understand a company concept, its principles, advantages and ideology.

Graphic design implies such corporate image components, as catalogues, brochures, calendars, banners, posters, POS-materials and other printed image carriers, responsible for an image perception and creation of positive impression.

Branding agency Design Group is specialized in professional development of efficient marketing graphic tools for stimulating a relevant customer relation. Design Group experts analyze current and desired brand position on the market, its competitive situation, customer perception and global design trends in order to develop a perfectly suitable graphic design.

Graphic Design from Design Group Agency

The key criteria of printing efficiency, as catalogue or brochure design are:

  • Informative content: catalogue design is meant to deliver maximum necessary and useful information about a brand, its concept and message, as well as products and services range in an easy to perceive way.
  • Functionality: the main catalogue design goal is informing about a brand and company’s professional competency.
  • Creativity implies an original design solution and a unique approach, which allow to make a printed piece bright, capturing, interesting, memorable and beneficial.

Relevancy: catalogue and business card design must correspond to marketing targets of a project, a campaign and a general strategy.