Corporate Style Development

Get Your New Corporate Style in Design Group!An effective corporate style is formed in the intersection of a brand ideology, its key characteristics, general style and their symbolic expression. Corporate style development implies determination of visual constants, which later on will be distributed to necessary information carriers: documentation, polygraphs, commercial production, banners and so on. The complex of visual constants can be broken into four categories:

  • Brand name or a trade mark name is the most efficient source of company identification, visual and verbal component of a corporate style, performed in a unique, signature combination. A name provides a basis for logo and brand development.
  • Logo is a fundamental aspect of graphic brand identification, localizing maximum of visual and verbal semantics. Logo is a key component of a corporate style, which directs all other visual aspects, as colors, prints, brightness and a message.
  • Color palette: an integrated range of company color selection is a mandatory element of a corporate style, which allows to create and support its unity and provide brand presence on different kinds of information carriers.
  • Graphics: signature graphics support a brand idea, filling it with additional concept elements, discover brand values, character and a core.

Corporate style provides a solution for such strategic brand targets, as qualitative brand differential, identification, creation of an additional product value and formation of a trustworthy image.

A strong, effective and perspective brand is a main business asset. Cost calculation of a corporate style development service is performed individually. Please contact our managers for more information.