What You Should Be Aware of When Traveling for Business to Dubai

Dubai is known to be one of the most favorite spots for the tourists.  From travelling to the city to enjoy a vacation to expanding their business, they end up purchasing an apartment in the top buildings of the city. Some of them think that it is a place which can be visited by only millionaires but if you have a proper plan and if you plan it at least 6 months before travelling and you will be able to travel at an affordable rate.

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Cultural Ethics

If you are travelling to the city for the first time, then you should keep certain points in mind. You cannot take photos of any random women in the street. You cannot drink or smoke anywhere you wish to do so. You are not permitted to take pictures of any government offices or military areas, etc. You should dress modestly. You should not wear any dress that is tide or short. 

Be Careful

As you are new in the city so when you are heading for a business meeting or a conference meeting, it’s better to not rush out to the meeting at the last moment. Have enough time, so that you do not get late. You can’t expect your driver to know all the locations. So, if the driver knows the route than its fine otherwise it will be difficult for you to reach on time. 

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Weekend Is on Friday and Saturday

Most of the companies have Friday and Saturday as their weekends as on every Friday the Muslim people gather for their prayers. The metros also start by 10am on Fridays and few companies are closed for a few hours on this day. So, if you have an appointment on these days, keep these things in mind. In case, if you want to party in the city, then the busiest nights are Thursdays and Fridays. In these days, you can see that the malls are packed with visitors. 

Car Rental Facilities

You can definitely opt for a car rental company. With these, you will solve half of your problems, as you will be able to visit the places where you need to visit by your own way. You don’t need to wait for public expenses or the taxis. You can avail this offer from the airport or through online portals as well. 

By reading this article, you will have knowledge what things you should keep in mind while heading for a business meeting in the city. So, for more travel experience you should definitely visit the city at the earliest.