Types of CCTV installation in Dubai

If you need a CCTV installation in Dubai or a security camera for your household or business premises, there are lots of companies in Dubai that can provide that service for you. One of the surest ways to protect your business or home from burglary or unwanted invaders is to have a CCTV camera installed. Security camera or video surveillance will give you peace of mind knowing that your business is well secured. But the first thing you want to do is to understand how CCTV installation works. There are different types of CCTV installation cameras available for residents and business environments in Dubai. Let’s take a look at them and see how they work.

Types of CCTV installation in Dubai

Analogue CCTV

Analogue CCTV

Obviously, this is one of the earliest ways to equip your premises with security equipments. The Analogue CCTV system connects monitors and cables with cables and wires. The analogue camera is linked back to DVR to record and monitor activities live. Presently, Analogue DVR includes network connections which allow the security device to stream live videos over networks. You can view this live streaming through your mobile device or a PC. Analogue CCTV installations are a bit less expensive than other current CCTV installations.

IP CCTV Camera

This is a surveillance installation which is viewed through the internet. The engineer connects the IP cameras to the Ethernet or wireless network. Then the video streaming is recorded on the centralized VVR. With this, it’s easier to monitor different cameras placed at divers locations fro m your mobile device or the PC through the internet. This type of installation is usually more expensive than the analogue CCTV installations. Although it’s more expensive, business owners who have this type of installation know it’s an investment in superior quality and flexibility. It gives you the option of monitoring your premises while you are away.

Installition IP CCTV system

Why you need CCTV installation

Safety and security are the most important reasons why a house or business owner would want to install CCTV camera in their premises. It gives you the freedom and confidence of keeping your business protected from unauthorized entrance. Moreover, there is convenience since you can actually monitor from anywhere. If you have your phone or system connected to the monitor through an app, you are set. Installation can be very expensive, but the benefits quite outweigh the cost of installation. If you have valuable property you wouldn’t want to lose to a burglar, this new technological gadget will be a great investment.

Where to get CCTV installation

There are quite a large number of companies that can assist you effectively install your CCTV camera in your place. But you need to conduct your research properly to ensure you are getting the right people for the job. Find out about the cost. You also need to know the different CCTV installation options to select the most ideal one for you. Overall, having this installation can save you a whole lot of headache in the long run. Technology has really made life easier and you can avail this opportunity to give your premises maximum protection and security.

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