Tips to Get a Cheap Deal on Your Daily Car Rental Package

Whether one goes to Dubai for a nice holiday or to conduct important business, it is a known fact that the city is not a cheap place to visit. With this in mind, it makes sense that one would save money where possible - to put it to better use at a later stage on the trip. One of how one can save some money is by ensuring you get the cheapest deal on your daily car rental.

Daily car rental in any city can amount to quite a bit of money very quickly if one is not careful. Below are some of the best tips to ensure you get a cheap car rental Dubai daily.

Cheapest Car Rental

Compare Sites for Better Options

The beauty of using an aggregator or comparison site is that they will allow you to filter your search to find the car that suits your needs. These sites allow you to select the class of car and the time frame for which you want to rent it and show you the variety of options and prices available at different rental companies.

By having all of the information presented to you at once, you can see which option is the most budget-friendly (which saves you some money) whilst meeting your needs for the trip.

Avoid the Added Insurance

Yes, you read that right. No, this is not a joke!

Avoid. The. Added. Insurance.

Rental companies, like any other business, are out to make money and show a profit. By getting you to take out added insurance is one way to do it. As such, they will often use scare tactics to convince you to take out added insurance. What most people do not know is that if you have personal car insurance, you are covered when you travel and get a rental. This is a simple tip to help you save a ton of money.

Compare Daily Vs Weekly Rates

This may come as a surprise, but most companies like having your business for longer periods, and therefore, will offer you a better deal or better rates for you to extend your business dealings with them.

It may be well worth your while to compare the weekly, as well as, the daily rates of rental companies. You may find it could cost you less money to rent a car for a week and return it early, than what it may cost if you only rent it for a few days at a time.

Say No to Upgrades

Understandably we are all mostly inclined to like nice things and to enjoy the finer comforts life has to offer. Sadly, these nicer things and finer comforts usually come with an added price tag.

Therefore, we suggest you say NO to upgrades on your car rental. As nice as leather seats are and as convenient as having onboard Wi-Fi and GPS maybe, realistically it is not something that is needed, and one can easily go without. By saying no to these types of upgrades, you will save some money and get a cheaper daily rental.

Book the Economy Car

Book the Economy Cars

It is all in the name, economy cars are more economical – therefore, more budget-friendly. These cars are not only usually lighter on fuel, but they are cheaper to insure thus cheaper to rent out.

Do not fall trap into thinking economy means you will end up with a rusted old car that is falling apart. On the contrary, economy cars are really nice and usually family-friendly. They come with the standard features of all rental cars and are very comfortable.

Opt for One Driver

If it is practical at all, opt to have only one registered driver for your rental, i.e. just you will be driving. If you are traveling for business purposes with colleagues, this is less practical. However, if you are traveling with family or friends rather have one designated driver. This limits the risk of accident and the rental companies will be willing to charge the car at a lower daily rate.

Credit Card Partners

If you own a credit card, your credit provider likely has either a points rewards or benefits program. Often these rewards or benefits include lowered rates with partnered airlines, hotels, or car rental companies.

See which rewards or benefits partners your credit provider has to offer and take advantage of these partnerships with their lowered rates or discount coupons.

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful and you will be able to use them the next time you are looking for the cheapest daily car rentals not just in Dubai, but everywhere you travel.