GPS Systems And Devices For Tracking Purposes

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As most people who own a car would know, the global positioning system, mostly known as GPS, is a technology that has become very common in our current vehicles. The basic purpose of the technology is to monitor the location of people, objects, or vehicles.

Using the satellite system, it can calculate the precise location of the device being used, and this data can also be used to create a route map, or give guidance on which way to go.

In smartphones for example, or in GPS car software, the data is collected and transferred to its own units, or to a central database, from which the exact location can be put on a map.

How The GPS Devices Work

Any tracking device that uses GPS to work has a receiving device in it, which obtains the signals, and produces the location.

There are mainly two kinds of devices used for this purpose. One type has enough space to store the collected data in the unit itself, while the other type sends it to a central system that can process and store it.

Internal Storage

Best vehicle tracking system uae - Informap devices that monitor the locations and store them over regular periods, also called loggers, have a large memory, which can be based on memory cards, and drives.

Using a drive for this purpose allows for the data to be transferred between devices, so that it can be processed and analyzed.

These devices have a number of applications, with the most notable ones being investigation and law enforcement. It allows for the accurate tracking of suspects and persons of interest. In cameras, this function can enables the geo-tagging of photos.

Pusher Devices And Central Servers

Pushers are more commonly used devices as far as the applications of GPS are concerned. The only thing you require on your end is a portable device that has GPS capability. This data and information is collected and sent to a central location, which analyzes it.


The applications are numerous, with some of the common ones being vehicle and fleet tracking, tracking people, and tracking objects.

The advancement of technology has also allowed for other factors, such as height and speed to be collected. In most cases, it is a smartphone doing the collection of this information, and sending it to a central server, using the Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

Adding Software To Pusher Devices

While the GPS unit and the phone work perfectly well together as a pusher device, continuously sending signals to another database, it is also possible to turn these devices into loggers, i.e. devices that store and analyze the collected data on their own.

Using these types of software provides the advantage of not needing SMS, GPRS, or internet capability on the go, to implement the transfers.