Five Useful Party Catering Tips

Long hours, pinching deadlines and increased workload are now the norms of the modern-day workplace. This can stress out a person and he might look to refresh himself by inviting his friends over and having a great time. However, that too can be stressful if one plans on doing everything on his own. A better and wise option would be to opt for a party catering. Catered party, unlike what most people think, are fun to host and even affordable. One can enjoy the company of his friends in a catered party without worrying about other things. However, the following are some tips that can make your experience go from good to great.

Decide Your Menu

This is probably the most important factor which decides how great your party was because that’s what everyone comes from- good food and company. Plan a menu keeping in mind the dietary preferences of your guests, the expected number of people and other dietary restrictions. Also, for such casual events, one should go for foods that are easy to eat and holds on for long hours like finger foods. Opting for tricky foods like salads and soups might not be a good option.

Party Catering

Choose a Caterer

To pick a party catering company, from the many options one has nowadays, might look a complicated task but, it is the opposite. Pick a caterer that serves according to your needs and budgets and provides maximum flexibility for you. The important thing is to inform the caterer in time so that appropriate preparations are made. You can always change a few things when you get to know the number of people showing up at the event. Follow up with the manager to avoid miscommunication and gaps.

Table Setup

Small things like how the table is set up make a lot of difference for the guests. The priority should be to make your guests comfortable and at the same time make things easier for them. For this reason, food should be served on a table which guests can access from either side. This would ensure a hassle-free event without waiting in lines. Also, reasonable gaps should be left in dishes to facilitate this free movement.

Make the Beverages Count

The next important step is to complement your amazing setup and food with good beverages. Beverages are present at every event but how you present them is what counts. Separate table for your chilled beer or wine in a tub full of ice should be present with disposable glasses. One can also add different sodas and waters for diversity. A margarita bar with the right setup can take your beverages to the next level and can be a game-changer.

Utensils for Dishes

Appropriate Utensils for Dishes

Again, reiterating the idea of making things easier for the guests, comes the concept of appropriate utensils. It is one of those things which is often overlooked and is very important to how comfortable your guests are. Large serving spoons should be present for side dishes. Soup spoons should be present for sauce and other garnishes. It would be better to check with the caterer of what kind of utensils he provides.