Dubai’s Most Efficient Water Heaters

When you are shopping for a new water heater it is important to consider how efficient it will be and if it will be able to fulfill all your energy requirements.  Smart energy saving solutions now come standard with most of the newer models that have been manufactured and all provide an efficient way to heat your water. Consider the extra costs that you need to consider in order to run your water heater. The type of sustainable energy that it uses will impact on the overall cost of the unit in the long run.

Domestic Water Heater

All your family’s hot water needs will be met when you purchase the O’pro central domestic water heater this unit can process many types of water including water that is very high in minerals. It uses an anti-corrosive system to extend the lifespan of your tank with up to 50%. Dubai electric water heaters were designed to save energy and use the latest technology in order to get the most out of your water heater.

Dubai Electric Water Heaters

The Atlantic Ego

The Atlantic Ego comes with 5 different capacities so you can choose the perfect size to meet the needs of your family. The flat design of the chrome thermometer makes it easy to see your water temperature and makes the unit a lot more user-friendly. The tank is treated with a combination of magnesium anode and diamond quality enamel. To ensure that you remain safe should the unit malfunction there is a pressure relief valve, there is also a specially designed lip gasket that helps prevent rust forming.

O’pro Water Heater Types

The O’pro water heater comes in a variety of different sizes the O’pro small and the O’pro slim these units can be installed above or below your sink. Both units were designed to fit into smaller spaces, so they are perfect for people that live in small apartments. It is treated with the anti-corrosive agent that makes it last longer and protects it against wear and tear.

UAE Electric Water Heaters

Increased Tank Protection with the E-Series

The e-series unit uses an immersion direct heating element that is protected with magnesium anode to increase the durability of the water tank. Not only is the tank protected by glass-lined steel containing Tio and CuO it is also treated with diamond quality enamel. The unit can be installed in 2 different ways, either vertically or horizontally depending on the amount of space that you have available to install it. If you visit our website then you will be able to view all the energy saving products that we have available and compare them to find the best deal.

The O’pro Classic

One of the most efficient energy saving solutions is the O’pro classic it uses less power to heat the water and was specifically designed with energy-saving in mind. To ensure that you will be able to enjoy your water heater for many years the tank is reinforced and treated with an anti-corrosive agent.  Easy to install and cheap to run and maintain it is easy to see why this unit is such an effective energy-saving solution.