Antigua Vs Grenada – The Ideal CPI Program?

Antigua and Grenada are both independent regions of the Caribbean Isles. You may choose to invest in either country for becoming a citizen. It depends on the nature of the argument in which the country has a better CPI program. It is an intelligent thing to assess the benefits accurately you will receive in both the countries after you become a second citizen by investing your money.

Invest in Antigua For Citizenship

You don’t have to undergo a tedious application process while investing in citizenship in Antigua. The Antigua citizenship requirements are not stringent. Usually, if you are a single applicant, you have to pay less than $150000 to the National Development Fund. Investing in the real estate sector to get citizenship is also a preferable route. You will be able to own property in Antigua. You receive a host of commercial facilities and administrative amenities for your citizenship status. The whole process has a high level of integrity and international credibility.

Invest in Antigua For Citizenship

Invest in Grenada For Citizenship

With a picturesque landscape and a magnificent colonial-era architecture, Grenada is a dream destination for every investor. You can receive second citizenship from the country in a couple of months. You receive the necessary legal and administrative support during the process. You don’t have to be physically present in the country when applying for your citizenship. You also have the provision for working and residing in the USA, via the E-2 Investor Visa Treaty. A Grenada citizenship is hugely beneficial from an international perspective.

Invest in Grenadian Real Estate

Recently, the requirements to invest in the realty sector of Grenada have become more flexible. The minimum threshold of investing in the country has dipped. Also, you need to hold your investment only for five years. The regulations have also created opportunities to save upfront capital when you are investing to receive citizenship for a family of four.

Flexibility for A Family Application

The citizenship program of Grenada allows you to apply on behalf of your spouse or/and dependent children (below the age of thirty), and parents. You can also apply on behalf of your unmarried siblings with no kids. The liberal society of the country merrily welcomes people from all walks of life, irrespective of cultural differences. You don’t have to leave anyone behind when you are applying for citizenship.

Medical Education

Access to Top-Rated Medical Education

Grenada boasts of the prestigious St. George’s University. It is one of the world-class universities known for its advanced programs in the fields of medicine, public health, veterinary medical science, etc. If you are a parent to a child who is aspiring to become a doctor, the Grenadian citizenship will provide excellent benefits in terms of career opportunities.

Do A Cost-Benefit Analysis

It is at your discretion to invest in a specific country to get citizenship. Take a decisive step after doing a cost-benefit analysis.