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Branding agency Design Group is one of the leading companies of the Dubai market, providing professional services in the field of branding, marketing, brand-consulting and graphic design. The company is specialized in development of efficient brands for local and international markets and multiple graphic design services, such as logos, banners, websites, corporate style and packaging design. The Design Group business priority is focused around planning an effective, customer-oriented communicative strategy and its implementation through visual tools.

The Design Group advantages:

  • Accurate research: every Design Group solution is a product of a serious analytic work and professional marketing examination, as only a confident theoretical and informative base allows to develop customer-oriented branding strategy.
  • Professional team is a key component of every enterprise: Design Group has gathered a unique team, including marketing specialists, branding experts, graphic designers and PR-consultants.
  • Solid experience: Design Group has accomplished a number of design projects for companies, occupied in various fields, such as production, retail sale, wholesale, health&beauty industry, education and hospitality.
  • Strategic planning: every branding or design solution is a part of a business concept, expressed by a customer. All implementations become a logic continuation of a given business idea.

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